At Johann Offner Holzindustrie, our goal is to use the competence and the passion which have characterized us for over 250 years to protect and to promote wood as a sustainable material, so that it is secured for coming generations.


Raw Material

With a forested area of around 47%, Austria is one of the most densely forested European countries. Both the forested area as well as the timber reserves are constantly increasing in Austria. The forest area increases by approx. 5,100 hectares annually – a surface area equal to about 10,200 football fields. 82% of Austrian forests are held privately. 

The Austrian Forestry Act strictly dictates and enforces all forest management and cultivation plans and has done so continuously for the last 160 years to a standard that is unmatched worldwide.

Austria’s forests are divided as follows:
18% public ownership, thereof 15% managed by the Austrian Federal Forestry Service 30% forestry enterprises of over 200 ha 52% small private forest holdings of less than 200 ha.

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Circular saw cut
3-4 m length




Log-house planks


Structural timber


Glued laminated timber strips


Special cuts


Window strips and squared wood


Planed timber


Building material/Morali



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